We Fund Global Projects That Matter

We run two stake pools and donate to global projects benefit everyone. When you delegate to us, you maximize your rewards while contributing to the global community.

What We Fund

Our donations focus on development of projects using Cardano’s ecosystem. However, we’ll consider donating to any cause that has a broad impact on the global community.

We have aligned with developers of promising technology. Below are some projects we’ve either contributed to, or are in the process of funding. The researchers will publish more information here soon.

Stirling Engine Electricity Generation

There’s perhaps no greater, and more readily-available source of energy than the sun. While solar cells exist, the manufacturing process is still costly, and produces toxic waste. The Stirling engine converts thermal energy in the motion, which in-turn generates clean electricity. The Stirling engine is a somewhat forgotten invention. It is now resurfacing as a potential solution for clean renewable energy.

Below is a proof of concept video from an independent researcher:

Accelerated Plant Growth

Still much of the global population is starving. It’s unacceptable, and elected leaders aren’t doing enough. There are promising technologies that may increase the growth-rate of fruit, vegetables, and any vegetation – without GMO (genetic modification). The working principle appears to be related to a form of electromagnetic resonance.

Edible Landscapes

Why are there so many trees around, but few that provide food? Edible landscapes is a global initiative to promote seeding useful and food-bearing vegetation on un-used public and private land. This is part of the bigger picture of “food security”.

Cardano Ecosystem

We believe in the Cardano ecosystem. While Cardano’s founders have their own accelerator program to assist developers, we assist other promising start-ups. We are already in touch with developers of promising projects, which have the capacity to greatly improve global standards of living.

Apply For Funding

Anyone can apply for funding, or nominate a project for funding. Contact us to apply.