Guarantee Terms & Conditions

Guarantee Terms & Conditions

Making a Claim Join our mailing list and specify your staking address. This registers your stake address with us. If you believe we’ve missed a block, contact us and specify the relevant pool’s ticker, the missed epoch and block number, and your registered staking address. Terms The guarantee applies to both our CNODE and FUND … Read more

CNODE Margin at 0.00% Again

We’ve changed CNODE’s margin fee back to 0.00%. Even when CNODE becomes saturated again, it will remain at 0.00%. But how can we stop CNODE becoming too saturated? We’ll be offering delegators a different incentive to migrate to FUND. We’re keeping the details a surprise for now. Why We’re Doing This Basically CNODE was at … Read more

Ready for Alonzo 1.29 Node

We’re just confirming we’re all ready for Alonzo. We updated our servers to 1.29 the day it was released. We also run testing and found server load and CPU usage increased significantly, so we upgraded all 10 servers. All upgrades were completed some time ago, but we’re posting this just to let everyone know.

About the news and announcements page

Today we’re adding the news page at although delegators should also subscribe to our mailing list. Any important updates will be emailed directly to delegators. We have avoided using social media (Facebook and Twitter) because they’re centralized monopolies with too much power. They are against the very principles of decentralization, and we aren’t interested … Read more