Airdrop one step closer for delegators

We’ve completed one of the final legal hurdles. It hasn’t been a simple process because the laws are constantly evolving. Basically the issue is ensuring our offer is not considered a security. We expect to make an official announcement early 2023.

Changing minimum fee to 495 ADA

We’re changing the minimum fee to 495 ADA so using premium servers remains viable, considering the current price of ADA. The variable fee is staying at 0%. Because the pools are close to saturation, the change will have little impact on delegator rewards. The change will be registered shortly, but will take effect in about … Read more

Nodes running 1.35.3 (ready for Vasil)

We’ve now installed version 1.35.3 on all of our nodes, in preparation for Vasil. We identified issues with previous versions, so did not upgrade until now. On another note, everyone should try not to focus on the price of ADA. Remember that much of the cryptocurrency prices are determined from speculators. And most of them … Read more

Guarantee Terms & Conditions

Making a Claim Join our mailing list and specify your staking address. This registers your stake address with us. If you believe we’ve missed a block, contact us and specify the relevant pool’s ticker, the missed epoch and block number, and your registered staking address. Terms The guarantee applies to our pools, only when the … Read more


We’re upgrading each server’s CPU to a Ryzen 5950X. Normally it would be overkill, but our stake pools are large, and they’re constantly minting blocks. And because of our guarantee we’d lose around $800 for a single missed block (we compensate you for any missed blocks). Currently each server has a Xeon E5-2690 v2 CPU. … Read more


We hoped to have announced the plans by now, but we haven’t yet because some details are still not finalized. The additional benefits will be for all delegators, but with even more for long-term delegators. So you benefit from a permanent 0.00% fee, but also the longer you stake with us, the more benefits you receive. We don’t want … Read more


Our pool “FUND” is nearly saturated. Instead of raising fees, we created a new 0% fee stake pool named “FUND2”. So our 3 pools are CNODE, FUND, and FUND2. All three pools are now donating to non-profit causes. This includes a project that will use ADA as a currency. It’s huge. And we’re very excited … Read more

New Pool (FUND2)

FUND is now near saturation, so we created another pool: FUND2. This new pool has the same goal as our other pools. We don’t need fees to profit because we get enough from our own staking rewards. And the minimum fee of 340 ADA pays for robust dedicated hosting.

CNODE Margin at 0.00% Again

We’ve changed CNODE’s margin fee back to 0.00%. Even when CNODE becomes saturated again, it will remain at 0.00%. But how can we stop CNODE becoming too saturated? We’ll be offering delegators a different incentive to migrate to FUND. We’re keeping the details a surprise for now. Why We’re Doing This Basically CNODE was at … Read more

Ready for Alonzo 1.29 Node

We’re just confirming we’re all ready for Alonzo. We updated our servers to 1.29 the day it was released. We also run testing and found server load and CPU usage increased significantly, so we upgraded all 10 servers. All upgrades were completed some time ago, but we’re posting this just to let everyone know.